17th NNNGO Annual Conference
Nonprofit Tax: Breaking the Myths, Understanding the Facts and Navigating the Realities
23rd November 2017, Lagos, Nigeria

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The NNNGO Annual Conference each year brings together over 250 organisations from more than 32 States of the Federation to address cutting edge issues related to nonprofit regulations and growth of the civil society sector. The one-day conference which convenes a wide array of experts, policy leaders, regulators, development experts, business executives and nonprofit leaders is the only and largest gathering of nonprofits from different parts of the country. Through the Annual Conference, NNNGO helps build necessary consensus on issues critical to the growth of the sector and national development.


In November 2017, NNNGO will host leaders of nonprofits in Lagos to reaffirm our common values, address the shared challenges we face in our work and create the needed solutions. The 2017 Annual Conference will convene a fantastic array of nonprofit leaders, regulators, private sector executives and development experts to address issues of nonprofit tax obligations. This year, we honour the work of founding fathers, mothers and members in evolving a sector that is independent and transparent as we turn 25years.


Our 2017 Annual Conference theme, “Nonprofit Tax: Breaking the Myths, Understanding the Facts and Navigating the Realities” encapsulates the need to improve the sectors understanding of its tax obligations including improving systems for effective regulatory compliance.


The Annual Conference which are attended by over 250 organisations from 32 States of the Federation will be held on 23rd November 2017 in Lagos.



Dr. Babatunde Fowler, Executive Chairman, FIRS (TBC)

Mr. Ayodele Subair, Executive Chairman, LIRS (TBC)

Mr. Femi Lijadu, BOT Chair, NNNGO

Ms. Yemisi Ransome-Kuti, Founding Executive Director, NNNGO

Dr. Abiola Tilley-Gyado, President Society for Family and Social Protection, BOT Member

Otunba Dele Ajayi-Smith, President ACDF, BOT Member

Ms. Shade Bembatoum- Young, Council Member LCCI, BOT Member



Attendance at the Annual Conference is by invitation only. All participants must be accredited before the Meetings, and are strongly encouraged to register as early as possible to avoid delays. To register please visit here. If you have any questions about delegate registration, please forward your inquiry to



During the Annual Conference, the Network will host a number of events such as the 25th Anniversary lecture and awards as well as the Yemisi Ransome-Kuti Leadership Awards. Admission to the event is restricted by registration, credentials and/or invitations.


All events, times, and locations listed in the schedule are tentative and subject to change.


Event Name Start time End time Event type
Registration and Annual Meeting Networking Lounge 08:00am 09:00am Annual Conference
Welcome Address 09:00am 09:10am Annual Conference
Keynote Presentation : Nonprofit Tax: Breaking the Myths, Understanding the Facts and Navigating the Realities  





Annual Conference

Q and A 09:40am 10:00am Annual Conference
Workshop: Tax obligation to States, the LIRS Case Study 10:00am 10:30am Annual Conference
Q and A 10:30am 11:00am Annual Conference
Anniversary Address

Keynote Speech:

11:30am 12:00pm 25th Anniversary
Short Statements:

–          BOT Chair

–          Board members

–          Founding volunteers/staff


12:00pm 12:30pm 25th Anniversary
YRK Awards 12:30pm 1:00pm 25th Anniversary


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