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Work Planning

Your work plan is a detailed narrative outlining exactly how you plan to implement your strategic plan annually. Although the strategic plan will have three to five years focus, you will need to develop and submit work plans annually. The work plan is a key component of your annual responsibility to the board and the organisations internal project-management process. The work plan is the tool you will use to communicate to your board how you will execute the strategic plan and the money (budget) required to achieve it. It is also an excellent tool for internally planning and managing your organisations activities.

See for a sample organisational work plan (annual)

As soon as the work plan is approved by the board, it is the task of the executive director to ensure that individual staff members are assigned to tasks on the work plan and that they clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. An individual performance objective which will serve as the basis for performance management of each staff members will be developed and agreed.

What makes a good work plan?