In 2012, an estimated 1.6 million people were living with HIV and roughly 57,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses.


Until 2002, various organizations and international institutions yielded different estimates of children orphaned by AIDS and various sicknesses around the world.


Almost every day buildings lie in rubble, water is scarce, food miles away, parents indisposed and the children, are among millions of youngsters in need of humanitarian aids following different devastating disasters.


Yet these challenges seem not to inhibit children in the pathway of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria many thanks to Freky Andrew Essien Care Foundation who in the year 2013 made all necessary steps in giving to the society most especially the vulnerable children.


Miss. Andrews, the Executive Director objectives are; to enhance the wellbeing of children, youths, women and persons living with disability, empowering vulnerable groups, to assist and provide support and services education, nutrition, psychosocial support, health to the targeted vulnerable groups, advocating for better life policies for these vulnerable groups and creating a platform of expression for children, youths and persons living with HIV/AIDS.


“Our vision is to add value to target vulnerable groups” This statement was made by Miss Andrews emphasizing on their huge need and ensuring the needs of these special groups in the society are met.


FAECARE’s Executive director further stated that in spite of some challenges they have faced as a foundation, some achievements have also been recorded which are the integration of children from different backgrounds and status to creating an enabling environment to pass values and morals, provision of basic support services, educational and psychological support.


Mrs. Andrews who made mention of an excellent start in life for children said the motivation and sensitization campaigns were largely meant for the youths, the aim which is to engage them  in having confidence, self-worth, making smart goals and developing value systems that would guide them in right decision making as regarding their education and lifestyle choices. Medical services to children and their mothers in the community, (malaria, ITNs, treatment, free medical consulting, drugs, HCT, Deworming, etc.) and welfare materials services to the people of the community, all these have been freely given and she hopes there would be positive transformation through these laudable acts, she concluded.