No nation is immune to the impacts of non-governmental organizations have been making around the globe and the states in Nigeria have not been left out of these impacts. These humanitarian outfits previously, presently and forever will remain on the pages of societal provisions.


With the motto “Committed to Environmental and Human Health” Neighborhood Environment Watch Foundation,(NEW) has thus far inspired positive change by creating sustainable human and environmental development for the benefit of communities, young persons, households and vulnerable population at the same time running advocacy for the development of equitable, sustainable human, environmental health systems and empowerment programmes that deliver services improving human developmental outcomes.


Founded in September 11th, 1998, NEW is committed to the development of equitable and sustainable health systems, creating values and empowerment programmes amongst youth, women and promoting the human rights of children. NEW, moving ahead has contribute to the reduction and the burdens of HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Viral Hepatitis infection, promoting access to water, sanitation and hygiene practices, building capacity and promoting activities that reduce climate hazards, poverty, unequal access to resources, food insecurity and social segregation and the same time conducting research, advocacy, and evaluation with a focus on innovations in youth development environment and health systems.


The founder of the NEW foundation, Hon. Dr. Okezie Kelechukwu who continues to be a humanitarian said that agonies in his state spurred the establishment of the foundation to giving to the communities. Dr. Okezie added that 80 acres of reforested lands, 30,000 tree seedlings raised and planted, 200 community trained farmers on agroforestry, 7 trained youths on tree nursery operations and over 5000 members are now direct beneficiaries to one of the lord able projects tagged Reforestation of 80 Hectares of Degraded lands at Enyigba / Edda communities in Abakaliki LGA in Ebonyi state.


Dr. Okezie also recounted that 6,585 persons were reached with HIV prevention Interventions using the MPPI under the project called Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Behavioral Change Intervention for OSYs, TWs, PIs and women in Ebonyi State.


The third project which is community Awareness and practice of malaria control and prevention went round 84 communities all in the bid to reduce malaria-related morbidity and mortality amongst the most vulnerable target groups sensitizing them on the need of the usage of nets which has proven to cause a drastic reduction in health facility visits, reduction in maternal and placental malaria and low birth rate in Ebonyi State. This marked a massive turning point for the people of Ebonyi state as resounding testimonies were made by the beneficiaries.


It is should also be recalled that a hundred and five persons were drawn from various local government areas in Anambra South Senatorial District trained on budget processes at the grassroots, participatory budgeting, budget monitoring and tracking at the grassroots. This was solely observed to make people especially the youth become more inclusive in decision making in the society and the nation at large.


Hon. Dr. Okezie Kelechukwu who still remains in the school of humanity stated that Neighborhood Environment Watch will not stop watching the backs of members of the society, ensuring that lives are touched through the services NEW will continually render in every neighborhood in Ebonyi state.