LAGOS, Nigeria, 29 March, 2018– The Civil Society Organizations (CSO) mapping meeting was organized by NNNGOPACFaH@Scale to address the Intermediate Outcome under the Result Tracker which states “Increased CSO coalition network to conduct technical reviews of the state’s new domestic funding schemes and to provide feasibility study updates in Niger, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos”.

The meeting which was held at the O.L.A. Conference Centre, Maryland, Lagos State was attended by 25 organisations working in the civil society space and was focused on:

  • Producing a directory of relevant CSOs involved in RI and FP advocacy in Lagos state
  • Carrying out a rapid organizational and capacity assessment of the CSOs
  • Obtaining verifiable information on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to programming in the areas of funding for RI an FP, especially as it relates to advocacy and budget tracking
  • Forming a basis for capacity training of CSOs on the above stated issues.

To achieve these objectives, a study protocol was followed from which quantitative (Questionaire) and qualitative (Interview) data were collected to conduct the study. Part of what came up at the meeting was the need to reinforce the active role organisations play, especially in health advocacy. It is key to ensuring the sustainability of health development as it necessitates the establishment of partnerships among such organisations.

Report of the study