PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria Network of NGOs Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks.


NNNGO-Abuja/NIGERIA: March 2, 2022


The Nigeria Network of NGOs, represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Oyebisi Oluseyi and the Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks represented by its Chairman, Comrade Ibrahim A. Waiya, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Wednesday, March 2, 2021, to formalize a partnership between the two Networks at a strategic and operational level.


The signing of the MOU formalises the mutual interaction between the Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks, a regional civil society Network and NNNGO, a national Network focusing on facilitating effective advocacy on issues of civic space, local philanthropy, regulatory frameworks, national development, unity, peace, and security especially at a time when civil society regulations in Nigeria continue to remain knotty.


Ibrahim A. Waiya, Chairman Conference of Northern Civil Society Networks, in his speech, during the signing said, “We are happy that we are coming together in partnership and sought doe this opportunity with NNNGO because we understand that as nonprofit Networks, it is imperative to work together especially with the critical stakeholders in the sector as this will help the Nigerian civil society gain credibility, legitimacy and transparency as a sector”. He added that the partnership is an opportunity to learn from the models and practices of NNNGO, a Network which had been existing for almost 3 decades.


Also speaking at the signing, Oyebisi Oluseyi, the Executive Director, Nigeria Network of NGOs said, “For us as NNNGO and as a national Network, this partnership fits so well into our mandate that rather than compete, we will collaborate, coalesce and strengthen other Networks while also finding ways to ensure that we support subnational networks through capacity building and experience sharing. Oyebisi added that “We have a collective goal which is to ensure a thriving operational environment for nonprofits in Nigeria and what we have done today is a step in the right direction.


The MOU strengthens the existing relationship between the two Networks and will leverage each Network’s comparative advantage to promote common understanding of the legal obligations of nonprofits, ensure full compliance and adopt best practices in governance and accountability, ensure appropriate consultation on matters of relevant and significant policies and programmes of government that affect civil society, Nigerian citizens and national development.


About NNNGO (
The Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO) is the first generic membership body for civil society organisations in Nigeria that facilitates effective advocacy on issues of poverty and other developmental issues. Established in 1992, NNNGO represents over 3,400 organisations (as of November 2021) ranging from small groups working at the local level, to larger networks working at the national level. The Network is charged with the objective of identifying, registering, coordinating, building capacity, and mobilizing civil society organisations to promote interconnectivity and bring equity, justice, peace, and development to grassroots communities throughout Nigeria, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


About Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks
The Conference of Northern States Civil Society Networks is a forum of states based civil society networks operating in the Nineteen Northern states of Nigeria. The establishment of the platform was conceived in 2017 and inaugurated on 28th March 2021 as a regional network of non-governmental, non-partisan, not for profit, non-ethnic and non-religious platform, with the sole objective of advocating for the best practices of democracy, accountable governance, and increased development of Northern Nigeria and beyond through policy influencing, cooperation and teamwork. The platform has over three thousand (3,000), affiliated individual civil society member organizations across the nineteen Northern States.


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