1.   Background

The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) is a Nigeria Citizenship sector organization based in Abuja. The Organization was established in 2003. Its major activities are in the area of governance, public finance analysis, advocacy for system improvement; anti-corruption, promoting collaborative governance and monitoring of government of public finance management.

PPDC seeks to assist and empower ordinary people to capture the public space by participating in governance programs towards eradicating procurement-related corruption. It achieves this through several programs such as Procurement Monitoring, Media Programming Homevida, and Digital Inclusion through advocacy for system improvements, etc. PPDC continues to develop and deploy several tools to promote and improve citizens monitoring of public procurement in Nigeria

PPDC’s mission is to activate and sustain the emergence of empowered citizenship participation, through which good governance, sustainable development and a life of dignity can be attained by All.

The PPDC is currently seeking expressions of interest from qualified consultant(s) and researcher(s) most preferably lawyers to carry out research on Freedom of Information (FOI) compliance in Nigeria and assess the impact of the National Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance Rankings.


2.   Scope of Work

  • Carry out research on Freedom of Information (FOI) compliance in Nigeria and assess the impact of the National Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance Rankings.
  • Coordinate with  PPDC to shortlist, draft and disseminate FOI request letters to a shortlisted number of MDAs.
  • Coordinate with PPDC to carry out training and capacity building on Access to Information for public institutions.
  • Responsible for FOI request correspondences with government agencies
  • Coordinate the launch of the 2022 FOI Compliance ranking with PPDC.

3.   Deliverables

  1. Computed FOI automated ranking
  2. Approved methodology for FOI ranking
  3. Reports from validation sessions with partners and cohort
  4. A synthesized report on conducted landscape analysis
  5. Computed FOI ranking reports.

4.   Qualifications and Experience

The consultant should have a blend of relevant educational, professional and technical experience and background in the following:

  • Master’s degree in public administration, organizational management, development studies  economics, finance, law, or other relevant fields;
  • Experience and a track record of success in working in Access to Information and using Freedom of Information.
  • Strong knowledge of the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Experience in working with both state and non-state actors.
  • Good written and communication skills
  • Strong research experience, analytical and writing skills

5.   Deadline for Submission

All interested applicants(s) are expected to submit Expressions of Interest on/or before 20th April 2022.

Please note that only e-application(s) will be welcomed.


6.   Selection process

In the selection process, PPDC shall ensure:

  • Fairness,
  • Non-discrimination,
  • Confidentiality and
  • Transparency

Completed Expression of Interest (EoI) with relevant supporting documents should be sent with a cover letter to ppdc@procurementmonitor.org.

The letter should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

Public and Private Development Centre