Research Consultancies for Baseline Survey, Youth Expenditure Review

Locations: Abia, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Lagos, Kano States of Nigeria

Timeline: May 1 – June 30, 2022


Application Deadline: April 25, 2022



Policy Alert is a member of the Youth Development Cluster anchored by Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) in the USAID-Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (USAID-SCALE) Project. The project seeks to enhance the ability of Nigeria’s civil society organisations and business membership organizations (CSOs and BMOs) to influence policies and reforms across the most critical service sectors. The Cluster seeks to critically assess the implementation of pillars 1 & 5 of the National Youth Policy, including the extent of subnational adoption and implementation, through baseline research, policy and budget analyses on youth development initiatives and investments, as tools for influencing positive changes in youth policy, legislation, budgetary allocation, actual investment, and development outcomes.


The Consultancy

This consultancy opportunity is two-pronged, namely, LOT1: Desktop research and baseline survey and LOT 2: Youth expenditure review.


LOT 1 – Desktop research/Baseline survey:The Consultant is expected to:

(a) conduct a desktop review of state youth policies, where these are available, alongside other existing policy and legal frameworks that are directly or tangentially relevant to youth development in the state. Youth policy analysis will seek to establish the extent of alignment and/or misalignment with the National Youth Policy (NYP), particularly Pillars 1 and 5, or where non-existent, the degree of approximation of related draft documents or other policy or legislative efforts to the NYP;


(b) establish a baseline profile of youth in general, and project participants in particular, in the

five states prior to USAID/SCALE Youth Development Cluster’s project interventions using data available from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), National Population Commission (NPC), other reliable data sources and baseline survey responses; and


(c) determine the current status of youth engagement in the policy process in the state prior to USAID/SCALE Youth Development Cluster’s project intervention in terms of knowledge, attitude, perception and behaviours (KABP) regarding youth policy, budget process and budget implementation; availability of engagement windows and spaces; quality of engagement; relevance of state-driven youth engagement opportunities to Pillars 1 and 5 of the NYP, and the responsiveness of state policies, laws, budgets, and actual investments to youth inputs.


LOT 2- Youth expenditure review: The Consultant will mine, analyze, and collate state budget data on youth-focused programmes, youth services and other youth-related development initiatives and investments between 2019-2021. S/he will review gaps between policy commitments and budget allocations, and between budgets and actual releases, project/programme execution and outcomes in the 5 states of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Lagos & Kano. S/he will simplify the budget data into infographic (citizen budget formats) factsheets for use in subsequent youth capacity building and youth-led advocacy efforts.


Expected workflow/deliverables


  1. Design survey tool, coordinate baseline survey, and produce state-level baseline reports for the five states.
  2. Conduct desktop research, data analysis, and harmonise the five state-level baseline reports to produce a composite draft desktop review/baseline report that will inform project implementation and against which project milestones will be measured.


  1. Mine, collate, and analyse state-level budget data on youth-focused programmes, youth services and other youth-related development initiatives and investments for the five focus states between 2019-2021.
  2. Conduct independent research on youth development and empowerment creation activities by state based institutions and federal constituency related projects between 2015-2021.
  3. Conduct a youth expenditure gap analysis and produce a youth expenditure review report for each state and a composite/comparative report for the five states.
  4. Produce infographic factsheets that summarize and simplify each state-level report.


Interested Researchers (individual consultants) should submit an Expression of Interestthat includes:

  • A technical narrative (no longer than 2 pages) describing their understanding of the task described above and how they will accomplish it, including a six-week work plan and samples or links to similar work done in the last three years, preferably related youth development.
  • Their CVs (not more than 3 pages)
  • Two references that can be contacted regarding the quality of their work / past performance


Submission Guidelines:

Interested consultants for any of the LOTS should submit an Expression of Interest to: on or before Monday 25th April, 2022. Only shortlisted applicant(s) will be contacted.