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Enable Operational

A flourishing civil society requires an enabling environment, which depends upon the actions and policies of all development actors – including governments, donors and CSOs. All over the world civic space is threatened. Currently, conditions vary enormously from country to country ranging from what could be defined as a ‘disabling’ environment, even oppressive environment, in some cases, to restrictive or problematic environments, to what may be considered models of good practice, setting an example for others to follow, in other instances.

Nonprofits in Nigeria are increasingly under pressure to become more accountable and transparent, though the operational environment for nonprofits in the country is rated moderate, events of the last few years have seen the sector being upset by efforts of policy makers to overregulate the sector with two bills at the House of Representatives and another at the Senate seeking to regulate the operations and use of nonprofit funds.

NNNGO will work to enable the operational environment for Nigerian nonprofits by:

  1. Deepening understanding and inspire action on critical sector issues.
  2. Protecting nonprofits from abuse and mismanagement.
  3. Generating evidence-based recommendations for nonprofit laws and regulations.
  4. Protecting the sector from overregulation and undue interference.
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