Funders and Financials

Funding for our work comes largely from membership dues, consultancies, donors including individuals. The remainder comes from multilateral agencies, international organizations and foundations for project specific activities.
In addition to cash contributions, NNNGO accepts gifts-in-kind, typically in the form of office equipments, use of facilities etc.

The Nigeria Network of NGOs employs rigorous accounting standards and financial controls to effectively steward any fund entrusted to us by our members, partners, and donors.

Our financial stewardship efforts have led years of clean financial audits. Since its inception in 1992, every fund raised and spent by the Network went directly to implementing our set out objectives.

Financial statements from our auditors are available here. We provide our audited reports on our website in order to share our financial information with members, partners, donors, and the public.

Should you have any further questions about these audited reports, please contact Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi, Executive Director at

Download our 20 Years Annual Report here

Financial disclosures

2006 Audited account
2007 Audited account
2008 Audited account
2009 Audited account
2010 Audited account
2011 Audited account

2012 Audited account

2013 Audited account

2014 Audited account

2015 Audited account

2016 Audited account

2017 Audited account

2018 Audited account


United Nations Millennium Campaign
The “United Nations Millennium Campaign” supports and inspires people from around the world to take action in support of the Millennium Development Goals.

Department for International Development (DFID)
DFID lead Britain’s fight against global poverty, delivering UK aid around the world.

UBUNTU – World Forum of Civil Society Networks
UBUNTU – World Forum of Civil Society Networks and was launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. It is now supported by more than … international civil society networks and 50 leading figures and intellectuals, people from the world of academia and communication

Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating citizen’s representation at the United Nations.

Civicus: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an international alliance of members and partners which constitutes an influential network of organisations at the local, national, regional and international levels, and spans the spectrum of civil society.

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
ICNL: We come from virtually every continent, and we share a vision in which individuals are empowered to improve their everyday lives. We seek a legal environment that strengthens civil society, advances the freedoms of association and assembly, fosters philanthropy, and enables public participation around the world.

The Commonwealth Foundation
CF: The Commonwealth Foundation is a development organisation with an international remit and reach, uniquely situated at the interface between government and civil society.


NNNGO has embarked on consultancy assignments for the following organizations:

Office of the Special Adviser to the President on the MDGs

Exxon Mobil

West African Pipeline Company (WAPCO)

World Bank- 2nd Urban Water Project

Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP)