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What We Heard on Part F of CAMA

Background More than three weeks ago, on August 17, 2020 precisely, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Companies and Allied Matters (CAMA) Bill into law. Trailing the President’s assent are various comments for and against some sections of the Act drawing considerable attention from the media, civil society sector, the private sector, and public alike.   […]

Civil Society Spending on Covid-19 (March-June 2020)

Background Through a survey of Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO) members and the wider civil society community in Nigeria, launched between July and August 2020, we sought to capture COVID-19 related support that civil society organisations gave to communities across the country. We wanted to hear from them how much they spent in Naira terms […]

Situation in Lagos and Other Parts of the Country- -Statement by the Nigeria Network of NGOs.

It is a matter of deep concern that security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in Lekki and other parts of the country on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 after repeated assurances by the government on the rights of citizens to peaceful protests. The barbaric and unconstructive approach to keeping protesters off the streets by the […]


Citizens and citizen organisations work during a period when technology is driving the interdependence that characterises the quest for change. Computers, mobile connectivity, applications, internet are shaping the way civil society organisations


https://www.thecable.ng/ngos-religious-organisation-regulation-bill-smuggled-into-cama-2020 Part F of CAMA, In reaction to the article in the link above, OUR IMMEDIATE THINKING: While we must guide against the abuse of this section of the law (Part F of CAMA), a regulator should have the powers to suspend while investigations on gross misconduct are ongoing. These are regulatory best practices. See: […]

NNNGO Is Honoured To Provide The Research And Advocacy That Led To The Passage Of The Part F Of The Companies And Allied Matters Act CAMA.

“We at the Nigeria Network of NGOs would like to extend our deepest thanks to the National Assembly for their leadership in taking on outcome of our consultations with the civil society community in the review of the Part C of Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA)

Nonprofit Covid19 Survey

The Nonprofit Covid19 Survey tracks the impact of the pandemic on Nigerian nonprofits, paying attention to operational disruptions, funding realities, availability of opportunities for nonprofits, and state of organisational reserves in the pandemic . As a Network of 2,754 organisations, spread across the 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, the Nigeria […]

NNNGO Launches Covid-19 State Action Tracker

Nigeria Network of NGOs announces today the launching of covid19.nnngo.org, a portal, dubbed “Covid19 State Action Tracker” that has been devoted to capturing data on state governments’ actions in containing spread of the COVID-19 disease across the 36 states of Nigeria. The portal was developed to increase citizens’ understanding and awareness of measures undertaken by […]


If you have the experience and would like to join a busy team to support nonprofit sector organisations across the country, we have exciting opportunities for you. Full details of the position can be found in the scope of works on this page; simply click on the positions that interest you and get more information. […]

Information on Grants

Dear Members,  As we await that time when the COVID-19 pandemic turns a curve and we can return to our normal activities, we implore you to stay strong and continue to support one another by adhering to governments’ directives on social distancing, hand washing and other preventive measures against the spread of the disease.  As […]