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Still Standing - SAMI

Still Standing – SAMI

“Friends that I thought will outlive me are gone, yet I am still standing, facing many health issues, yet I am still standing.” Toyin Ibidunni Adeshola is a sickle cell warrior. A.K.A – Still Standing. A.K.A – Okunrin Meta.


Meet our Woman Crush Wednesday.


Toyin Ibidunni Adeshola, who by the way celebrates her 56 years on earth today stands still and tall even in her petite stature amidst her sickle cell battle. Born September 1st 1965 to a professor of medicine (father) and a trained nurse for a mother, Toyin Adesola’s educational journey began at the University of Lagos staff school; Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School and then unto The Lagos State University where she graduated with a degree in Economics in 1992.


The sickle cell warrior of over 50 years, admits that sickle cell disorder can be managed and avoided and that the crisis is better imagined than experienced for they are overwhelming and often times annoyingly disrupting lives of sufferers and their families.


According to a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), 24 percent of the Nigerian population are carriers of the mutant gene and the prevalence of sickle-cell anaemia is about 20 per 1,000 births.

As part of efforts in giving some of these carriers some sense of belonging, Oluwatoyin Ibidunni Adesola who has been through countless traumatic challenges of living with sickle cell, saw the need to establish a Sickle Cell Foundation in 2008 – Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative.


Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative, a member of the Nigeria Network of NGOs believes in making life possible. SAMI goes all out to make meaningful impacts through strategic support provision by educating, advocating and creating awareness of sickle cell anaemia.


Author of the books ‘THE ADVENTURES OF OGA and MADAM AS” and ‘STILL STANDING’, a book that tells of Oluwatoyin’s struggle, physical, psychological and emotional pains and how with courage and determination she was and still able to beat all odds, Oluwatoyin Adeshola throws herself into several projects, like project STILL STANDING, XTRA CARE SICKLE CELL FREE CLINIC, CLUB STILL STANDING, A BETTER YOU HEALTH CLUB, TOUCH A CELL RADIO SHOW with TOYIN and THE GANG.


Health & Chronic illness coach, author and motivational speaker, Oluwatoyin Ibidunni Adeshola -A.K.A Okurinmeta, The Resilience Boss. Keep Standing enjoys reading, writing and listening to music.

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