The Project titled “Strengthening the Regulatory Framework and Enabling
Environment for a More Accountable and Transparent Civil Society in Nigeria” is being implemented by the Nigeria Network of NGOs with support of the European Union commission. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the Nigerian civil society regulatory framework and provide an enabling environment for a more accountable and transparent civil society.

There is a growing concern about the legitimacy, transparency and accountability of NGOs among government, civil society community and the general public at large. The process leading to the enactment of a civil society law by the National Assembly provides a unique opportunity for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to lay the foundation for a more consistent approach to accountability among Nigerian CSOs which, with a common regulatory framework in place, can be used as the basis for moving the sector towards being a more accountable, transparent and accessible sector. Furthermore, the review of the self-regulation system of the CSO sector subscribed to by the larger body of CSOs will also help to strengthen the sector and change the current negative perceptions regarding it by external actors.

To achieve the above, NNNGO aims to conduct on and offline consultations with CSOs across the country, to garner opinions, knowledge acquired through years of experience, working in the civil society space to shape conversations along the lines of true transparency, self-regulation within the Nigerian civic space, more enabling policies by law makers and better implementation from regulators.