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Project management

Congratulations your project proposal has been approved and a contract signed. The following startup steps are what we follow at the Network and we

Event/Task Step
Award finalised orcontract signed - Announce information on the award among all staff
- Have hard copies of contract, full proposal and budget filed
- Share copy of contract with all staff responsible for implementation.
Work planning - Review your project work plan with the project team and develop a detailed work plan and budget comparison to ensure that planned activities are consistent with amounts approved by the funder.
M and E System - Develop your indicators and definition for each, how data will be gathered, discuss importance of data gathering among staff and train them on how to gather data properly. Documents relating to workshops or training events ( attendance, training notes, workshop notes, profile of speakers, trainers, handouts etc) properly filed
Financial systems - Make sure your finance team and all project members understand the financial reporting requirement for the project and that you have everything in place to meet the standard. A sub account for the project is recommended.
Procurement - Establish a simple procedure for procurement that meets the funder’s requirements and reflects your organisation’s procurement policy.
HR Policy - Ensure your HR policy or staff policy is implemented to the letter on the project. Timesheets should be properly completed
- Staff contracts properly signed and filled
Communication/Visibility plan - Develop a communication/visibility plan per the donors communication requirements
Implementation - Begin implementation as soon as you have all the above set and in place.