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Emerging Trend: Vaccines and Fundamental Rights

( Trend: Vaccines and Fundamental Rights) A trend meriting the attention of civil society organisations working on civic space and State CSO networks/coalitions is emerging and that is compulsory vaccination directive by some States. We (Nigeria Network of NGOs) have tracked both Ondo and Edo States in this area:






We have also tracked push back by CSOs in Edo State: https://guardian.ng/news/covid-19-vaccination-csos-tackle-edo-govt-on-restrictions-profiling/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&Echobox=1630392406&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0i2IjbF5Pj1iUcbOoLPIAdRYIyfn4uN65ybDnCboqpBqulzLQFxfDHFuY


The Federal Government on September 1, also hinted on compulsory vaccination with the Nigeria Medical Association and JOHESU pushing back.  https://punchng.com/compulsory-vaccination-nma-johesu-kick-as-fg-threatens-sanction/


Message: Compulsory vaccination interferes with fundamental freedoms associated with the right to life (Article 2 ECHR), the right to respect for private and family life (Article 8 ECHR) and the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion (Article 9 ECHR) including those with respect to mobility, equality, liberty, and privacy.


( Trend: Vaccines and Fundamental Rights) While the need for a universal vaccine coverage is understandable, the government need to answer questions on vaccine availability (coverage) and accessibility. Each State must ensure vaccine acceptance is voluntary and should work at increasing vaccine acceptability by:


  1. Instilling and maintaining public confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines.
  2. Partnering and supportingcivil society organisations to conduct extensive and well-managedcommunity engagement that responds to different populations and their specific concerns, prior experiences both with vaccination and the health system in general, religious and/or political affiliations, and socio-economic status.
  3. transparent and coherent public communicationto address misinformation and the “infodemic”.


Proof of vaccination or negative test results should continue to be one of the strategies adopted by Government at all levels as it works at curbing the pandemic through vaccination and public education.


Trend: Vaccines and Fundamental Rights

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